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DAV Public School NTPC T/Ship Jamthal is located at Jamthal (Distt Bilaspur. H.P.) is a 10-year-old, non-profit, service providing, co-educational institution Managed by DAV CMC, New Delhi. It is situated right on Chandigarh-Manali Highway No 21 close to the flowing Sutlej amid natural aura and ambience. Its geometrically designed red-bricked building nickname of the "Red-Fort of Jamthal".

It is a Project School jointly run under an MoU between the DAV College Managing Committee (New Delhi) and the NTPC Limited. The DAV CMC, patronizing around 950 institutions, has become a unique academic brand rejuvenating the Indian society intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Beginning in 2008, this organization has acted as a lighthouse of knowledge, skills and values for the wards of NTPC employees as well as for the local populace hailing from about 10-15 villages and towns in its vicinity. With over 110 students on its roll, its workforce headcount stands at 12.

Ever since its inception, the school has made rapid progress in every area. Its alumni have reached top positions. Many of them are plonking at high positions in Medicine, Engineering, Academics, Defence, Administration and the Corporate World. We take academics as a matter of culture, nation building and freedom rather than a product to be consumed. Human and technological concerns are the bottom-line of our organization. We celebrate diversity: we do not discriminate on the basis of color, disability, religion, gender, race and ethnicity.

The school has its local Management Committee(LMC) which formulates policies and guidelines for the day-to-day smooth functioning of the school. The LMC comprises of eminent persons from all walks of life. They include Educationists, Scholars, Administrators, Teachers and Representatives of DAV College Managing Committee. The School falls in the HP Zone-F of DAV Public School in Himachal Pradesh with the office of the Regional Officer located at Shimla itself.

Our mission, vision and core values stress to empower tradition with technology. We aim to produce individuals who think big, think fast and think ahead. Our goal is to develop a human resource which is morally upright, intellectually well-informed, socially concerned, physically well developed; emotionally balanced, and culturally bloomed.

We create supporting and stimulating conditions and opportunities where one can learn, grow, interact and discover.

Of late, the school has registered changes at the blink of the thought. It is re-inventing itself. Following the CCE, we are moving from the formal to the informal, from the teacher-centric to the learner-centric delivery techniques.

Our tryst with the multimedia (as aided by the Edu Sat, e-learning the ETV and the Video conferencing mode) has given us dramatic experiences and exposures.
This organization has already created high watermarks in infrastructural growth, in academics, in extra-curricular activities, in sports and games, in learning and evaluation, in social interfacing with the stakeholders, in human resource development, in safety and security systems, in process management, and in seamless integration with the surrounding communities.

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Phone: 01978-283077
E-Mail: dav_jamthal@yahoo.com
Website: www.davntpcjamthal.org

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