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Regional Officer Message  
Dear Netizens,
  • Welcome to the virtual cosmos of DAV Public School NTPC T/Ship Jamthal: a role - model institution which is situated in the lush green NTPC Township Jamthal.  
  • It is a school with smart infrastructure, smarter workforce and the smartest kids. Working under the sustained trust of the DAV CMC and the NTPC, the school has grown bigger, better stronger and taller. Smarter solutions and the deepening reach of technology are infusing new intelligence into our systems and processes.
  • In this era of digital schools and Net universities, the school has broken out of its boxed mindset Working with utmost sensitivity and responsibility , the public opinion is coming to us through the Internet , the YouTube , the Blogs, the Twitter , the FaceBook and many other networking platforms which are being freely used by the students , the workforce , the management and all other stakeholders . We are virtually wall-less, and living in a glass-house, as it were.
  • As we are busy reshaping expectations and reinventing standards for our dotcom generation, we invite you to share your views & criticisms enabling us to maintain perfect alignment with the society and community we are working for.
I sign out wishing a happy viewing........
KS Guleria 
Regional Officer
HP Zone -C